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Tuxedo Morphsuit



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Introducing Morphsuits

Morphsuits are the very latest super cool sensation sweeping the globe, and we're very proud to be stocking them at Monster Stuff!

The Morphsuits are very effective full body suits, fully breathable and you can see out of them, in a variety of designs

Absolutely perfect for parties, stag do's, hen nights, sports events, concerts etc etc....


We stock two sizes as follows:-

  • For people between 5'4" to 5' 10" in height, choose L
  • For people between 5'10 and 6' 3" in height, choose XL


Can you re-use them?

Our record is 22,416 uses before we had to get a new one.

Well ok, maybe not but Morphsuits are pretty hard wearing and what’s best is, that unlike most other fancy dress, there aren’t lots of different pieces to lose, so you should get plenty of wear out of your Morphsuit.

Do you have to be a gym buff to wear one?

Absolutely not!

Morphsuits are just about fun, not about looking good. Boys or girls, tall, short or even if there is a little more of you to love we have a Morphsuit for you! Plus with the hood, if you do feel like keeping your identity a mystery – like a super-hero – then there is no need to reveal yourself!

I live abroad – can I buy one?

No problem.

We’re based in the UK but we don’t want to limit the fun so if you live further a field go ahead and place an order, making sure you give us your full address. Although it might cost a little more, we’ll make sure we get you your Morphsuit. Let no one say morphs are racialist, nationalist or sexualist – in fact we want to see who can take their Morphsuit furthest a field!


Can you unzip the suit yourself?

Morphsuits cover the whole of your body.

And we really mean whole: hands, face and feet. However, our suits are specially designed with a double zip which finishes right at the top of your head for easy access in and out of the suit. So if you are heading to a party on your own, you can zip-up yourself up for maximum impact on arrival. And later, if you want the girl you’ve been dancing with for the past 20 minutes to see you, then it’s easy just to unzip, pull the hood down and engage. Perfect….assuming you are mildly attractive.

Where’s best to keep your wallet?

Morphmen travel light but money makes the world go round and a phone is useful if you lose all your mates while dressed in an all-in-1 lycra ensemble.

We’ve seen loads of options for getting your valuables around, the most popular is having some cash in your shoe and your phone in a sock. Alternatively some morphs prefer a stylish bum-bag.

What to say when people want to get their photo taken with you?
Generally ‘Yes’.

You will be the centre of attention. Enjoy it. But we’ve often enjoyed bartering.. A photo for a drink, a kiss, a dance, a kebab…an ashtray. Just some of the booty we’ve collected over the years..

How can you see out of them?

When we first designed Morphsuits they were difficult to see where you were going, which was a bit problematic on the dancefloor.

Since then, we’ve redesigned the suit, so you can see out, but people can’t see in. You’ll be able to see out well enough to enjoy a stag weekend, ambassadors reception or leisurely stroll to pick up the papers. Some people (crazy fools) have even tried to play competitive sport in their Morphsuits.

What do I wear under a morphsuit?

A pair of tight pants.

Baggy boxers just make you look like you’ve got a lumpy arse.

What can I wear a Morphsuit to?

There is no limit to what you can do in a Morphsuit, that’s what is so great about them.

There’s hardly a fancy dress theme which you can’t dominate, some of the best we have seen are the Silver Surfer, 20 lads supporting Liverpool in Red Morphsuits and Banana Man. And where ever you go, what ever you do, remember to send your best pics to (or put them on the Facebook Page) and we’ll put them on the site to share with the world!!

Can you really drink through it?

Yep, easy – the Morpshuit is thin, totally breathable and will let you pour your drink (water we presume) straight through it!

But it is not so great when liquids go the other way, so go easy on the on the Lambrinis!

How to Wash?

The best thing to do is handwash in cold water and then line dry. If things got very messy in your Original suit then chuck it in the washing machine on the lowest heat, with a bit of fabric conditioner. Please do not bleach or iron.


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