With inflation rising and many families looking at ways of cutting the cost of Christmas this year, Monsterstuff.co.uk has come up with its ‘Ten Top Gifts Under a Tenner’ – giving online shoppers a chance to save cash without losing out on the fun factor. And what a varied list they make:

With prices ranging from £5.99 to £9.99, each item in Monsterstuff’s ‘Ten Top Gifts Under a Tenner’ provides bundles of entertainment value, as well as being easy on the wallet. And with everything in stock right now for early delivery, each one is a great way of injecting some affordable fun into Christmas 2011.

For further details of Monsterstuff.co.uk’s ‘Ten Top Gifts Under a Tenner’ – or to find out more about the company’s vast range of goodies, gadgets, gizmos and gift ideas – check out the website at www.monsterstuff.co.uk or call 01509 266414.