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Spider Catcher



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If you have the impossible combination of arachnophobia, but the desire not to harm the spider (or insects); this is the perfect gift for you.
The Spider Catcher works with a trigger-like function. Simply squeeze the trigger to open the bristles at the far end (65cm away, so you don’t have to get close the 8 legged creature). Once you have surrounded the spider or insect with the bristles, release the trigger and the bristles will capture the spider securely without harming it. Once you have found a secure place (preferably outside!) to release the spider or insect, press the trigger again and it will safely release the creature back into the wild. The Spider Catcher is flexible and easy to use, making it a doddle to get spiders out from those pesky nooks and crannies where they so often lay.
As the Spider Catcher’s bristles are extremely gentle, it allows you to catch spiders even when they are on the move.
The design of the Spider Catcher is to allow you to capture and remove spiders and insects from your home without causing any damage to the being. The gadget does not require batteries or any chemicals for it to work quickly and efficiently.
The device can catch anything as little as 2mm (0.08”) wide to something as large as 25mm (1”). Spiders and daddy longlegs can be caught easily as well as a whole host of insects including ants, beetles, butterflies, moths, wasps, bees and flies.
We know that some people may be worried about how to use the Spider Catcher (nobody wants to lose a spider in their house!) and so we have provided a plastic spider with the catcher so you can practice.
Every home should own a Spider Catcher! 

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