What’s quite possibly the maddest gift idea of the year has just arrived from Japan – and already it’s proving a hit with customers who are looking for the ultimate in fun accessories. Yes, we’re talking about MIKODAMA STICKY BLINKING EYEBALLS.

Simply set the switch to ‘On’, place the Sticky Blinking Eyeballs in your preferred position using the hook or suction cup and wait for them to catch out the unsuspecting. Every passer-by will wonder ‘Did that just blink?’ Well, yes it did!

You can attach your Sticky Blinking Eyeballs to just about anything. So whether it’s your fridge, microwave, PC, TV, front door or even your favourite pair of shoes that you want to ‘bring alive’, simply add a pair of Sticky Blinking Eyeballs and you’ve got a real head-turner.

Included with every purchase is a choice of four different cutouts, each of which simply clips to the rear of your Blinking Eyeballs, allowing you to add eyelashes, eyebrows, tears and even a nose-and-moustache combo when the mood takes you.

The Sticky Blinking Eyeballs are set to become the must-have gadget of 2011 for anyone with a sense of humour and a love of the unusual. And at just £24.99 from, they’re great value too. Order now – before the first shipment sells out!

For further details of the Sticky Blinking Eyeballs, readers can online to or call 01509 266414.