Available right now from is JOHN’S PHONE, the most uncomplicated mobile phone on the planet. And that’s great news for anybody who doesn’t need the latest in hi-tech gadgetry – or who wants a simple, inexpensive phone for holidays and outdoor activities.

Priced from just £59.99 via, JOHN’S PHONE is like no other. You won’t find any unnecessary features like a camera, text messaging or choice of annoying ringtones. But you will find a handy paper address book and pen, as well as an energy-efficient battery that lasts up to three weeks between charges.

JOHN’S PHONE also features large, user-friendly buttons and a speed-dial feature for use with your own saved numbers. Even better, each JOHN’S PHONE comes with its own set of earphones, allowing you to use it hands-free when driving.

‘It’s all about providing a basic, easy-to-use phone for people who simply want to make and receive calls,’ explained boss Neil Thompson. ‘Not everybody needs a complicated mobile phone with features they’ll probably never use.’

Buyers of JOHN’S PHONE have a choice of five different colours. And because it works with any SIM card (apart from 3 Mobile in the UK), it’s easy to swap over to – without changing your number.

For further details of JOHN’S PHONE, go online to or call 01509 266414.