‘IMMORTAL VIDEO SUNGLASSES’ – The Must-Have Gadget for the Great Outdoors

Whatever you get up to when you’re out and about, there’ll be times when you wish you had a video camera with you. But carrying a camera around when you’re cycling, running, fishing, hiking or simply playing with the kids can be a hassle. And so Monsterstuff.co.uk has a solution: the amazing new Immortal Video Sunglasses.

In stock right now at Monsterstuff.co.uk, each pair of Video Sunglasses provides 4GB of storage space, while the 736x480-resolution video offers high-quality filming at the push of a button – recording at 25 frames a second, with enough battery life for two hours’ filming.

Not only are Immortal Video Sunglasses tough and splash-proof, they’re also smart and stylish – each pair coming with three sets of interchangeable lenses, giving you a choice of Flame Orange, Dark Grey and Clear lens effects.

Immortal Video Sunglasses are also amazingly easy to use – simply put them on, press a button and you’re recording straight away. So whether you’re filming your own BMX bike antics or making sure the biggest catch of your fishing career is caught on video, a pair of these amazing shades will revolutionise your outdoor fun.

Even better news is that Monsterstuff.co.uk is offering the exciting new Immortal Video Sunglasses at an all-in cost of just £199.99 each – with free delivery anywhere within the UK mainland.

For further details of Immortal Video Sunglasses, visit www.monsterstuff.co.uk or call 01509 266414. Customers are advised to order early for guaranteed Christmas delivery.